New The Honest Kitchen Bone Broths For Dogs & Cats

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The Honest Kitchen Bone Broths For Dogs & Cats

Our tasty new instant Bone Broth can be mixed with warm water to make a nourishing, and irresistibly mouthwatering drink, that’s got a few health-promoting properties, too. We call it a treat with benefits. Besides the broth itself, turmeric is the star player in this new concoction. And it’s not just any old turmeric either, it's the really potent kind, with 95% curcuminoids, the active compound in turmeric that’s been studied for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

Great for both dogs and cats, it can be served as a satisfying drink between meals, poured on kibble for a little extra moisture or used to hydrate an Honest Kitchen meal, our bone broth is incredibly versatile. You might find it tempts a picky pet, or perks up one who’s been a bit down in the appetite department, too.


Beef bone broth, parsley, pumpkin, turmeric extract

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