Good Sleep for Busy Pets!

Sleep is one of the key factors in the building of a healthy, happy lifestyle. Without good, regular sleep, we humans have a tendency to become very unhappy indeed.

The same thing goes for our pets! Dogs and cats need lots and lots of sleep each day to recover from their physical activity. Dogs require, on average, twelve to fourteen hours of sleep, while cats can sleep from anywhere from twelve to sixteen. Make no mistake: just because our pups and kitties always seem to be full of energy, does not mean they have a limitless supply! They are sure to rest and recover for much of the day. 

So, sleep for pets is just as important as it is for humans, if not more so. So why do we so often let them sleep wherever? Shouldn’t they have a sturdy, supportive, familiar space to rest their bones? We at Posh Paws Palace think they do! That’s why we’ve assembled some of the very best beds, crates, and mats for your pup or kitty. Our selections offer many different shapes and sizes of sleeping surfaces, so every pet preference is covered. 

Our beds section offers up dozens of incredible sleeping spots for your cat or dog. From the colorful to the playful to the stylishly subtle, our beds are as much for your pet as they are for you! 

If you’re on the go, you’ll need a crate for your pet. The word crate often sends shivers down the spines of pets and owners alike, but we here at Posh Paws Palace are seeking to undo the bad rep that crates receive! Our crates rank high in comfort and security, so you can feel confident your pet is not only content, but even enjoying their voyage!

And if you’re on the road with your pet, you’ll want to bring along a mat or pillow for comfortable sleeping while abroad. We carry mats designed for every size animal, so no one will be left out! Plus, our mats and pillows are so comfy, fido or whiskers might just want to use it at home! 

Find your pet the very best bed right here at Posh Paws Palace. Because even if you have four legs and a tail, sleep matters!