Collars for Every Occasion! 

If there is one accessory that every pet requires, it’s a collar. Collars serve many purposes: they help to identify your pet if they get lost, they provide you, the owner, with a place to grip them if you need to get them under control, and they help you to identify your pet in a crowd. The importance of the collar cannot be overstated and every owner must get their pet one!

Not all pets like to wear collars, though. Some pets think collars are unbecoming. We get it—not all collars are designed the same! That’s why we at Posh Paws Palace have gathered an assortment of the most stylish, sweet, playful, and flattering collars known to animals. If you’re looking for a collar that goes beyond the run-of-the-mill varieties you find in pet stores, we guarantee you will find it in our store!

One of our very favorites is the Formal Affair collar. This sleek and surprising collar features a shiny gold flower both you and your cat will love to admire. Your cat may not yet have plans to attend a formal ball—but they will certainly want to when they put this fancy collar on! Don’t forget the grooming gear if you go! 

For an equally formal and equally adorable collar fashion, our Bowtie Red Velvet collar is an excellent choice. This collar will turn your feline into the life of the party. Just be prepared for him to be followed home by all the other neighborhood cats who don’t want the fun to stop!

If your cat is true royalty, nothing less than our Caesar Cat collar will suffice. Featuring an emperor-worthy design, this collar will make your kitty want to conquer the living room...and then the world!

Don’t forget to browse our clothing selection for sweet outfits to complement your cat’s collar. You’ll find everything your cat could ever want right here at Posh Paws Palace!