Adorable Accessories for your Adorable Pet

Accessories aren’t just a frivolity for pets; they’re totally necessary for your pet to feel like they amazing cat or dog they are! Accessories let your pet know that they are loved and that they belong—and that’s all any cat or dog ever really wants, right?

Accessories can also help you, the owner, identify your furry friend more easily outdoors. If your pooch has a tendency to wander off and explore alone, it is extremely helpful for them to wear a brightly-colored neckband, jersey, or collar, so you can find them easily. And at puppy playgroup, when there are a dozen little pups bouncing around, you’ll be grateful that you gave your special friend a brightly-colored harness!

And practical concerns aside, let’s face it: what pup or kitty isn’t made ten times cuter with the addition of a darling accessory? We carry all sorts of sweet, whimsical, and gorgeous neckbands that will make your feline feel like the king or queen they are! 

Every pet needs a collar for safety, so why not make that collar a cute one? We carry collars that are both functional and to-die-for-cute, so you can have the best of both worlds! Our Bowtie Red Velvet collar is a favorite, as is the Carnation Velvet collar. Pop these on your cats and they’ll be traipsing off to the kitty ball!

Some of our smaller pets—cats and small dog breeds—not only love wearing clothes, but actually need to. Many breeds are not comfortable in cold temperatures and are unable to generate sufficient body heat to keep them toasty warm. That’s why we carry clothing designed for style and warmth. Now your pup or kitty can go on sitting by the window during the winter, and counting all the snowflakes they’d like to catch!

Take the best care of your cat or dog by decking them out in the most stylish of accessories! Find them all here at Posh Paws Palace!